Size Guide


Outerwear and Tops

Outerwear length: With the garment laid flat, we measure the entire length of the back from the collar seam downwards.


Dress length: With the garment laid flat, we measure from the upper edge (strap or chest) to the hem.


Pant length: With the pant leg laid flat, we measure the garment along the outside seam, from the waist to the hem, and along the inside seam, from the crotch to the hem.


Heel height: We measure from the bottom of the heel to where it meets the sole.
Platform height: We measure the platform from top to bottom at the thickest point.

Boot shaft height: We measure the shaft height from top of the boot to the heel of the foot.
Boot shaft circumference: We measure the shaft circumference at the calf, that is to say 25 cm / 9.8 in. from the heel of the foot. If the boot height is less than 25 cm / 9.8 in., we measure the circumference at the top of the shaft.


Belt length: If the size is not marked on the belt, we measure its length from the edge of the buckle to the third hole.


Bag height and width: We measure the bag from the highest point and at the widest point, excluding the handles.
Bag depth: We measure the bag at the widest point of its base.
Handle length: We measure along the edge of the handle, from one end to the other, using a measuring tape.
Handle height: We measure the handle from the highest point to the top of the bag, keeping the handles or shoulder strap taut.


Eye size: This is measured in mm and indicates the diameter of the lens from the bridge to the temple.
For most styles, there is just one size. If the style of glasses is available in more than one size, we recommend the smaller size for narrow faces and the larger size for wider faces