Liloosh Panoramic Volume Effect Mascara tusz efekt panoramicznej
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Liloosh Panoramic Volume Effect Mascara

Liloosh Panoramic Volume Effect Mascara 

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Liloosh is a mascara that gives eyelashes maximum volume and definition in just one stroke. Pearl micropigments immersed in the creamy mascara formula fill the eyelashes, building their volume, thus ensuring a spectacular thickening effect. The addition of film-forming polymers is responsible for the thickened effect of eyelashes without weighing them down. An hourglass-shaped brush reminiscent of a female figure ensures maximum volume of lashes with a panoramic effect. The unusual, wavy, nylon fibers of the brush perfectly reach even the smallest eyelashes, covering them with a creamy mass that adds density to them. The sensual scent of ambergris and black orchid makes applying eyelashes a pleasant everyday ritual.

Artificial eyelashes effect : yes
Capacity : 10.5
Colour : Black
Lengthening : yes
Sun : no
Thickening : yes
Twirling : yes
measurement unit : ml

0.02 cm
0.02 cm
0.02 kg
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