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  • 40 Years

    With 40 years of experience, we've become a top cross-border B2C platform.

  • 18 Languages

    Our platform is localized for buyers from all over the world.

  • 150 Million

    Monthly visits to Neckermann Direct

  • ++ Growth

    A reliable partner who can grow your business

  • 1 Shop

    A (extra) online shop without any start up costs

  • 100 Regions is available in 100 different countries and regions.

  • 75+ Million Buyers

    The number of active shoppers on our platform.

  • 250+ Million Downloads is now a leading e-commerce mobile App

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Create a customer account on and apply for a seller account.
You will receive an email within 48 hours when your account is approved.
Once your shop is activated, you can start adding products.
Of course with the help of our sales team.

Service and pricing.

Our services

We offer useful services to make selling even more professional and easier. Ship your items cheaper, outsource your inventory management to us, or let us improve your product information. You can also promote your articles even better by advertising.

Our service standards

Say what you do and do what you say. Customers who have a good experience with ordering via come back more often. Together we can ensure satisfied customers. That is why we work with service standards. In this way we ensure optimal cooperation.


For every productphoto which is approved and placed on our platform the merchant will be charged with €1.20
A sales commission of 15% from the netto product price will be charged for all sold products

Seller stories

Mr. Vermicelli

Since we started selling via, our turnover is increased with 28 percent.

Mrs. Santa-Cruz

Generate more sales with relatively little time, next to our offline cosmetics store.

Mr. Stonehill

When we first started with Neckermann Direct we saw the opportunities. For example, you can be part in major campaigns


We offer a variety of options to promote your products on Neckermann Direct
All the funds will be fully used for the marketing of this products on Instagram, Facebook, Google and our news letter.

Option 1

These banners are located on the frontpage just below the main shop banner

b6.jpgDelightful Dresses Shop Now
b6.jpgSummer Sunglasses Shop Now
b6.jpgShiny Shoes Shop Now
Price: €500 each for 3 days

Option 2

These banners are located on the middle off the frontpage.

Price: €600 each for 3 days

Option 3

This banner is located below the middle off the frontpage.

Price: €1000 for 3 days

Option 4

These banners can located anywhere in the middle section off the frontpage.
Here you can list products by category in chunks of four or eight

Price: €1000 per 4 products for 3 days

Option 5

This banner is located at the left side-bar below the site navigation

Price: €750 for 3 days

Option 6

Special Products

Baumalu mosselpot - Diameter 18 cm

Baumalu mosselpot - Diameter 18 cm


Special products will be filled with products for which you want to attrract extra attention
They are listed on every page where the left side-bar is visible.

Price: €50 per listed product


Request a Banner

If you want to request one (or more) of above banners you can contact our sales team: