copy of Eylure false eyelashes Highlight pre-glued
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copy of Eylure false eyelashes Highlight pre-glued

Eylure false eyelashes Highlight pre-glued 

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EYLURE FILLING EFFECT - self-adhesive false eyelashes

Accentuate your look with EyLure Pre-Glued Adhesive Lashes.

Fluttery Light No. 117 is an ideal proposition for lovers of expressive makeup. Fast application, literally in 15 seconds, makes applying eyelashes so easy. Equipped with a flexible and thin strip of glue, they perfectly combine with natural eyelashes, emphasizing the depth of the look up to 15 hours.

• Fill effect

• Self-adhesive - no glue required

• Quick application - literally in 15 seconds

• Lasts up to 15 hours

• A flexible and soft adhesive strip facilitates application on the eyelid, perfectly connecting EyLure lashes with natural lashes

• A black strip with glue optically thickens eyelashes - eyeliner effect

Application method:

Step 1. Take the eyelashes out of the package and then adjust them to your eye structure. Cut to the appropriate length.

Step 2. Apply to the eyelid along the natural lash line and enjoy the emphasized look for many hours.

Capacity : 1
Colour : No. 117 Fluttery Light
Sun : no
measurement unit : art

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