3in1 Instant Smooth baza wypełniająca zmarszczki 30ml
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3in1 Instant Smooth Wrinkle Filler 30ml B

3in1 Instant Smooth Wrinkle Filler 30ml B

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The revolutionary 3 in 1 Instant Smooth foundation base is the result of a combination of: experts' knowledge, the most effective ingredients and modern technologies.

The 3 in 1 base will take care of the young appearance and condition of your skin and will make you enjoy flawless make-up for up to 10 hours!

1. Rejuvenating foundation base

The unique composition of ingredients instantly smoothes the skin so that you can enjoy the effect right away.

2. Peptide-ceramide serum

We combined the base with a peptide-ceramide anti-wrinkle serum that ensures a youthful appearance and reduces the signs of skin aging.

Stimucol - active peptide stimulates the production of collagen, improves skin elasticity and repair capacity.

Ceramide-lipid complex - acts as a natural cement in the skin, supports its reconstruction, protects against water loss.

3. Make-up fixer up to 10 hours of durability

Thanks to the use of a base, the make-up will be more durable and will require fewer touch-ups during an intense day or evening, a great night out.

Immediate beautifying effect + Effective rejuvenating care + Extended make-up durability

Consumers confirm:

95% instantly smoothes wrinkles

84% brightens and moisturizes

100% prolongs make-up durability up to 10 hours

*confirmed in in vivo studies

Application: Apply a small amount of the base to the cleansed face and spread it evenly. Wait for absorption and apply fluid.

Action : fuser
Application form : tube
Capacity : 30
Colour : Instant Smooth
Effect : smoothing
Sun : no
measurement unit : ml

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