Closer To Nature woreczki do przechowywania pokarmu 36szt
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Closer To Nature food storage bags 36 pcs B

Closer To Nature food storage bags 36 pcs B

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The bags provide safe and convenient storage of expressed breast milk. Pre-sterilized for convenience and safety, so mum can pour directly into the pouch without having to sterilize first. Each bag holds up to 350 ml of breast milk. Sealed pouches equipped with a double string fastener to prevent any drop of precious milk from leaking out. They can be safely placed horizontally in the freezer and put up, thanks to the tabs on the bottom. The label on the pouch can include a note about the date, time and amount of milk, which means less to remember in the first days of breastfeeding.

Product features:

• 36 pre-sterilized pouches with a stable base that allows convenient vertical storage and prevents food from spilling

• Capacity up to 350 ml of expressed milk

• Double string fastener protects the stored food against spillage and protects against the penetration of odors

• Special field for labeling portions with time, date and amount of milk expressed

• You can freeze expressed milk or store it in the refrigerator

• They do not contain bisphenol A (BPA)

The package contains:

• 36 Tommee Tippee Made for Me breast milk storage bags.

Capacity : 36
Elite Lines : no
Sex : woman
Sun : no
measurement unit : art

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