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Made For Me Silicone Breast Pump/Food Collector B

Made For Me Silicone Breast Pump/Food Collector B

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The Silicone Breast Pump is part of the Tommee Tippee Made for Me™ range of feeding products designed especially for you because you are second to none! Tommee Tippee wants to support your breastfeeding journey by allowing you to feed your baby anytime, anywhere. It can be used to express milk, collect milk flow when mom feeds from the other breast and provide relief to breasts full of milk. It is a gentle way to express or collect milk. No wires or noise. Discreet, truly portable and made of 100% food-grade silicone. BPA/BPS free. Included is a reusable travel and microwave sterilizable bag that looks like a toiletry bag, so it can fit discreetly in any handbag or baby bag. It stores the breast pump in a sterile environment, but can also be used to store other baby accessories. The travel bag can sterilize the breast pump and other feeding accessories at home or on the go. Also included is a disposable milk storage bag that is sterile and ready for emergency use.

 Product features:

• 3 in 1 - Use as a breast pump, a collector or to provide relief to milk-filled breasts.

• Gentle on mum - gently sucks breast milk

• 100% food-grade silicone - free of BPA, PVC and phthalates, safe for mother and child

• Absolutely silent - a breast pump that is small and discreet enough to be used at any time

• Hands free - allows you to collect precious milk while you feed your baby from the other breast

• Simple and compact - one-piece design without wires

• Clear measuring cup - helps you monitor your milk flow

• Easy to clean - one piece with no unnecessary parts, hand wash and sterilization

The package contains:

• 1x Made for Me™ Silicone Breast Pump

• 1x reusable microwavable travel bag

• 1x milk bag

Capacity : 1
Elite Lines : no
Sex : woman
Sun : no
measurement unit : art

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