Breast Pads wkładki laktacyjne Czarne 60szt
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Breast Pads Black 60 pcs B

Breast Pads Black 60 pcs B

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During breastfeeding, and especially in its most delicate initial phase, special protection and hygiene are required, as irritated or cracked skin on the breasts can make feeding difficult or cause pain. Antibacterial pads ensure maximum safety during the entire period of breastfeeding. Chicco breast pads are breathable, comfortable and skin-friendly, secure but invisible under clothing. They perfectly adhere to the breast and do not move. The special antibacterial coating of the inserts prevents the spread of bacteria inside the cup. The antibacterial healing molecule is not transferred to the skin of the breast and does not come into contact with the baby's mouth. Super absorbent micro pearls perfectly absorb the excess of oozing milk, turn it into a gel, separate it from the skin and prevent clothes from getting dirty. For greater hygiene, the inserts are packed in separate bags.

Clinical tests carried out by the Mangiagalli Clinic in Milan have shown that the use of antibacterial breast pads avoids irritation, cracking of the skin on the breasts and inflammation of the nipples.

Capacity : 60
Elite Lines : no
Sex : woman
Sun : no
measurement unit : art

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