Płyn nabłyszczający 400ml cytrynowy
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Rinse aid 400ml lemon B

Rinse aid 400ml lemon B

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Regardless of the type of detergent you use, your dishwasher can leave wet dishes and stains on the glass. To keep dishes and glasses dry and shiny, they often need to be wiped or washed again. Finish rinse aid provides 100% better drying results** and prevents streaks on your dishes and glasses. Its formula, with reinforced glass protection properties, protects against fogging***, ensuring a long-lasting dazzling brilliance.

**2x better drying performance compared to using Finish Detergent alone.

***Improved protection against fogging compared to using Finish Classic detergent alone.

How to use: Pour the rinse aid into a special dispenser. Refill the dispenser at least once a month or when the indicator in the dispenser or the indicator light indicates that the dispenser is empty.

Capacity : 400
measurement unit : ml

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