Dullness Eraser Step 1 Primer baza pod makijaż 30ml
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Dullness Eraser Step 1 Primer makeup base 30ml B

Dullness Eraser Step 1 Primer makeup base 30ml B

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For professional make-up artists, applying foundation is the most important step in achieving a perfect and lasting make-up effect. That's why we've collaborated with makeup artists to create a complete range of Step 1 Primer Color Corrector that addresses the targeted needs of different skin types while prolonging makeup wear.

Redness Corrector Step 1 Primer: a light green base that instantly neutralizes redness, evens skin tone and soothes irritation.

Tone Up Perfector Step 1 Primer: a sky-blue base for tired skin. Instantly corrects the yellowish skin tone and gives it a radiant look.

Yellowness Neutralizer Step 1 Primer: A brightening primer that instantly removes yellowish-olive tones and corrects uneven skin tone for a radiant appearance. All signs of yellowing are neutralized for 24 hours!

Fresh Brightener Step 1 Primer: pink illuminating base. Instantly corrects dull skin and uneven skin tone for a radiant and fresh look. It guarantees a perfectly even skin tone for 24 hours!

Dullness Eraser Step 1 Primer: A yellow-toned primer that instantly neutralizes dullness, redness and blue circles under the eyes. It illuminates the complexion and provides a radiant look for 24 hours!

Grayness Reducer Step 1 Primer: a caramel-colored base, ideal for dark complexion with a grayish undertone. Instantly neutralizes blemishes and dark circles under the eyes for radiant skin for 24 hours!

Action : fuser
Application form : tube
Capacity : 30
Colour : 8 Dullness Eraser
Effect : brightening, smoothing
measurement unit : ml

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