Intymna Ochrona&Pielęgnacja ochronne chusteczki do higieny inty
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Intimate Protection & Care protective wipes for intimate hygiene D

Intimate Protection & Care protective wipes for intimate hygiene D

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AA Intimate Wipes for intimate hygiene are recommended for daily intimate hygiene when there is a need to refresh and for use in case of irritation. They are practical to use and convenient for quick application. They keep you fresh every day. Lactic acid, chamomile extract, allantoin. The specially developed soft non-woven fabric has been moistened with substances that ensure proper hygiene and intimate care. The formula contains lactic acid, which maintains the proper pH of the skin and mucous membranes and supports the natural defense mechanisms against irritation. A delicate washing base guarantees very good tolerance and effective refreshment. Thanks to the presence of a soothing complex, the wipes soothe irritations and prevent mucosa from drying out. Their exceptional softness and delicacy ensure comfort of use. Dermatologically tested on people with allergic skin diseases. With a hypoallergenic fragrance composition. Does not contain dyes and parabens.

Capacity : 20
Consistency : wipes
Elite Lines : no
Sex : woman
Sun : no
measurement unit : art

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