Intymna Ochrona&Pielęgnacja emulsja do higieny intymnej Help 30
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Intimate Protection & Care emulsion for intimate hygiene Help 30 D

Intimate Protection & Care emulsion for intimate hygiene Help 30 D

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AA Intimate Protection & Care Help is an emulsion for intimate hygiene, ideal for women prone to infections and irritations. Thanks to carefully selected active ingredients, it has a protective and soothing effect, and at the same time is safe for the sensitive skin of the intimate area. Its highest quality is confirmed by the positive assessment of the Polish Gynecological Society - an unquestionable authority in the field of gynecology.

• Trusted by gynecologists - * The product was developed in cooperation with specialists in the Gynecology, Oncological Gynecology and Gynecological Endocrinology Clinic of the University Clinical Center in Gdańsk.

• Refreshment, protection and care - Thanks to a specially developed formulation, the emulsion provides a long-lasting feeling of freshness, protection and care.

• Protection against infections - Lactic acid ensures the proper pH of the intimate areas, restoring the natural microflora, and in cooperation with the antifungal and antibacterial ingredient, it supports protection against infections and inflammations.

• Soothing irritations and redness - Thanks to the content of allantoin and D-panthenol, the emulsion supports the regeneration of irritated and reddened epidermis, restoring comfort to the skin.

• Prevention of drying - Betaine maintains an appropriate level of hydration - prevents mucosa from drying out.

Dermatologically tested on people with allergic skin diseases. It does not contain fragrance, dyes and parabens.

Capacity : 300
Consistency : lotion
Elite Lines : no
Sex : woman
Sun : no
measurement unit : ml

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