Flexy Hybrid Gel lakier hybrydowy 181 4.5g
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Flexy Hybrid Gel hybrid varnish 181 4.5g d

Flexy Hybrid Gel hybrid varnish 181 4.5g d

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In the Flexy hybrid line you will find a lot of shades: from subtle nudes and calm pastels, through crazy, energetic neons, to glitters and unusual "cat eye". Although each collection is different, they all have in common exceptional durability, intense pigmentation, and thick consistency that allows for comfortable work. Thanks to the 4.5 g capacity, you can expand your collection of hybrids without worrying that you will not use up the products to the end. Paint your world with Flexy colors!


- flexible (due to the use of specially selected oligomers)

- intensely pigmented (a solid dose of energetic colors)

- excellent adhesion (connects to the base through hydrogen bonds)

- ideal for LED and UV-LED lamps (significant quantum efficiency)

- easily cured (thanks to the use of effective photoinitiators)

How to use: Shake the packaging several times before use. After applying and curing the primer, spread 1-2 thin layers of the product and cure under a UV-LED or LED lamp for 30 seconds. Do not wash with a cleaner. Requires the use of an appropriate topcoat.

Capacity : 4.5
Colour : 181
Sun : no
measurement unit : g

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