TightUp Spray mocny spray obkurczający pochwę 50ml
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TightUp Spray strong vaginal shrinking spray 50ml d

TightUp Spray strong vaginal shrinking spray 50ml d

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Tightens and makes the walls of the vagina more flexible

Intimate fluid with a composition unique on a European scale, created to improve the quality of women's sexual life. Thanks to the content of active ingredients (among others, hamamelis, arginine and horse chestnut), it is distinguished by its tightening effect and making the vaginal walls more flexible, improving the quality of women's sexual life. The "virgin effect" intensifies the sensations in both women and men and makes it easier for women to achieve orgasm through intense stimulation. Created on the basis of water, thanks to which it is non-staining.

For whom

TightUP SPRAY INNOVATIVE FORMULA was created for all women. However, there are 3 types of women who will be most satisfied with its operation:

• EXPERIMENTAL WOMEN who need a lot of stimulation

• WOMEN WITH A CUM PROBLEM, thanks to stronger stimulation of the vagina and clitoris, it makes it easier to reach orgasm

• POSTBORN WOMEN whose vaginal walls have been stretched by pregnancy or the vaginal muscles have become flaccid over time

Not without significance is also the pleasure of men when their partner tightly embraces them. That is why it is one of the most popular products in the entire Lovely Lovers series.

What can you gain with TightUP fluid?

• "virgin effect" thanks to the tightening of the vaginal walls - duration up to 30 minutes

• making the walls of the vagina more flexible

• more intense sensation of sexual stimuli

• stronger orgasm (and even multiple)

• increased blood supply to intimate zones

• enhances natural hydration

• gently warms

• improving the quality of sex life

BESTSELLER among preparations for the "virgin effect"!

LOVELY LOVERS TightUP GEL & SPRAY 50ml products are the most popular preparations in their category. It wouldn't be possible without hundreds of satisfied customers. That is why LL TightUP SPRAY was marked with the "No. 1 sales" certificate in the category: VIRGIN EFFECT. He deserved this name, thanks to the highest sales and flattering opinions of buyers.

By choosing LOVELY LOVERS you can be sure that the product is:

• based on a unique and tested composition developed by the best technologists

• dermatologically tested and safe for health

• effective, which is confirmed by the CONSUMER'S LAUREL - DISCOVERY OF THE YEAR 2014!

• the highest quality, which is confirmed by the victory in the GOLDEN SEVEN in the cosmetics industry in 2015

• registered in CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal)

• manufactured according to the pharmaceutical GMP standard (Good Manufacturing Practice)

• proven by thousands of satisfied customers

Why does TightUP INNOVATIVE FORMULA help tighten the vaginal walls?

High-quality active ingredients contained in TightUP Spray affect the entire length of the vagina (both smaller and larger labia). The processes controlling this action are extremely complex, therefore, in order to obtain optimal effectiveness of TightUP SPRAY, it was necessary to use as many as 3 active ingredients in the highest dose on the market. The description of the ingredients is below.

How does HAMAMELIS extract (Hamamelis Virginiana) work?

Thanks to the content of tannins (ellagitannins and hamamellitans) and flavonoids, it is used in the production of lotions and creams for body firming massage. Significantly accelerates the process of skin regeneration - effectively rejuvenating it, giving a lifting effect. It stimulates granulation of the skin. In addition, the saponins contained in it are distinguished by their healing properties: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, protozoal, antifungal and antiviral. Due to all the above-mentioned advantages, hamamelis is one of the most important active substances of the TightUP intimate fluid, clearly improving the quality of women's sex life.

How does ARGININE work?

Arginine has been used in the TightUP Spray formula to increase sexual sensations and satisfaction with a stronger and more easily achieved orgasm in women. L-arginine is an amino acid that acts as a blood pressure regulator. Thanks to the tested properties, it stimulates microcirculation (increasing blood flow in the blood vessels of intimate zones) and enhances the effect of other active ingredients. L-arginine increases the production and conditions the synthesis of nitric oxide - a key neurotransmitter for the proper physiology of orgasm in both women and men. Proper NO synthesis intensifies sensitivity to stimulation, which is the basic symptom of sexual arousal.

How does the CHESTNUT extract (Aesculus Hippocastanum extract) work?

A medicinal plant known for centuries and used in medicine all over the world. It contains flavonoids (rutin, astragalin, quercitin, isoquercitin), tannins, phenolic acids, coumarin compounds, tannins and triterpentine saponins (esculin) with a revitalizing effect on skin cells. The plant is distinguished by anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-hemorrhagic properties and seals blood vessels. Water extracts are used e.g. in disorders of blood circulation.


The products of the LOVELY LOVERS TightUP series were distinguished in the April issue of the SHAPE magazine (04/2014) in the article "WIĘCEJ PRZEJEMNOŚCI". Click to see the full article:

Water-based liquid

TightUP Spray is an intimate liquid based on water, thanks to which it is completely safe for the skin and does not cause allergies. In addition, it does not leave stains and can be used with condoms and erotic accessories.

HOW TO USE: Shake before use. Spray 2-3 times on intimate places. Wait 2 minutes until the liquid is fully absorbed. Can be used with a condom.

NEW PEARL SERIES = Pharmaceutical bottle

The latest edition of LOVELY LOVERS products is distinguished by special pearl bottles with ISO 9001, ISO 15378 and ISO 15593 certificates. Thanks to this, they meet the strict standards of packaging of medicinal products and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Advantages of the used pearl PET material:

• thick walls are responsible for the proper temperature of the product inside (in summer they limit heating of the mass and in winter they prevent excessive cooling)

• pearl coating reflects UV rays,

• resistant to mechanical damage.

This guarantees the required stabilization of the product and the active ingredients contained in it. In addition, thanks to the use of a high-quality, precise dispenser, the amount of liquid can be precisely dosed.

LOVELY LOVERS - the Art of Love

The LOVELY LOVERS brand is the result of the work of specialists from all over Europe. The technologists set themselves the goal of creating unique and effective formulas at an affordable price. As a result, a line of cosmetics and dietary supplements was created for demanding customers who value the highest quality of intimate life. All products are dermatologically tested, manufactured in accordance with pharmaceutical GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and registered in the KSIOK (National Cosmetics Information System) / CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal) / GIS (Main Sanitary Inspectorate). The highest standards of control over the quality and origin of raw materials give consumers the certainty of the highest product quality and effectiveness confirmed by tests and opinions of satisfied customers. This is confirmed by the prize awarded to the LOVELY LOVERS brand for taking 1st place in the CONSUMER'S LAUREL plebiscite - DISCOVERY OF THE YEAR 2014 in the "intimate preparations" category and winning the GOLDEN SEVEN in the cosmetics industry 2015.

This is confirmed by the awarded awards:

• 1st place in the CONSUMER'S LAUREL plebiscite - DISCOVERY OF THE YEAR 2014 in the "intimate preparations" category,


• won in the GOLDEN SEVEN Cosmetics Industry 2015.

Capacity : 50

measuring unit : ml

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