Oxi Action fabric stain remover spray 500ml d

Oxi Action fabric stain remover spray 500ml d

Oxi Action fabric stain remover spray 500ml d

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Vanish Oxi Action - pink power of fabric stain removers, available in various liquid or powder forms, for white and colored fabrics.

Vanish Oxi Action fabric stain remover spray. The convenient spray can be easily applied to the stain. It is efficient and easy to use. After 5 minutes, rinse or wash the sprayed stain as usual.

Product features:

- force lifting the stain

- immediate action on stains after the first use*

*After using the product, follow the instructions

Ingredients: 5-15%: oxygen-based bleaching compounds, <5%: non-ionic surfactants, anionic surfactants, fragrance composition

How to use: Open. Spray for a maximum of 5 minutes. Wash it. For better results, spray the stain as quickly as possible on both sides of the fabric. Spray directly onto the tough stain!


- Always follow clothing manufacturers' recommendations.

- Spray on the stain, rub gently and let act for 1-5 minutes. Then wash as usual.

- Safe to use on white and colored fabrics when used according to clothing manufacturer's recommendations.

- If in doubt, check the durability of the dye by applying the product to an invisible part of the fabric, then rinse and leave to dry.

- Do not use on wool, silk or leather.

- Do not use on enameled or coated surfaces - e.g. wood, metal, etc.

- Do not use on clothing with metal or enamel accessories or fire-resistant finishes.

- Do not use on clothes intended for dry cleaning only.

- Do not expose clothes sprayed or dipped in the agent to direct heat or sunlight before washing or rinsing them thoroughly.

- Do not allow the agent to dry on the clothes (max. time 5 minutes).

Capacity: 500

Type : stain remover
measurement unit : ml

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