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Beautifying Moisturising Cream Anti Redness B

Beautifying Moisturising Cream Anti Redness B

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BEAUTY MOISTURIZING CREAM is dedicated to women who are looking for a cosmetic with an innovative formula to prevent premature aging of the skin. It is an ideal product for those who expect to even out skin tone and hide imperfections. HOW DOES MAGIC SKIN CC BEAUTIFUL MOISTURIZER AGAINST RED FREQUENCY WORK? The cream was created especially for problematic skin, which, under the influence of external factors and the action of free radicals or UV radiation, loses its firmness and glow. A very common problem accompanying these changes are unsightly redness and bursting capillaries. The best solution will be MAGIC SKIN CC BEAUTIFUL MOISTURIZING CREAM against redness, which is distinguished by its extremely rich formula. The main active ingredient is the MICROPIGMENTS® complex. It allows for perfect color alignment, masking imperfections and discolorations. In addition, it makes the skin slightly brighter and takes on a radiant appearance. The PURIDETOX® complex provides invisible protection against pollution, smog particles, cigarette smoke and free radicals. Hyaluronic acid deeply and long-lastingly moisturizes the skin - even in its deep layers. This, in turn, makes wrinkles less visible. Pure 24K gold particles have a smoothing effect and strengthen the structure of the epidermis. Vitamin E has a strong oxidative effect, so it perfectly copes with free radicals that contribute to skin aging. • Perfectly evens skin tone and prevents discoloration. • Protects against the harmful effects of external factors. • Deep and long-lasting hydration. The cream is distinguished by an extremely light consistency that penetrates deep into the skin and thus does not clog pores. Redness and capillaries become less visible. MOISTURIZING CREAM against redness makes the skin radiant without signs of fatigue.

Capacity : 50

Color : Lightning: no Sun: no Tanning:

no measuring unit : ml

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