UV/LED Gel Polish Color lakier hybrydowy B10 Balbina 5ml
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UV/LED Gel Polish Color hybrid varnish B10 Balbina 5ml B

UV/LED Gel Polish Color hybrid varnish B10 Balbina 5ml B

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Hybrid varnishes are currently winning the hearts of women all over the world. Long-lasting styling for up to 3 weeks is the dream of many women. Now you can enjoy both durable styling and beautiful nail color thanks to SUNONE hybrid varnishes.

Impressive quality for a small price? It is possible with SUNONE varnishes, which do not differ in quality from the leaders of the hybrid market. You do not believe? Check it out and you will see that in this case quality goes hand in hand with an excellent price.

SUNONE hybrid polishes are currently a palette of 100 perfectly pigmented colors, enclosed in an elegant, black, glass bottle, which are visible on the bottle cap. Hand-painted stencils placed on the cap allow you to see how a given varnish will look on the nail.

The right consistency of the polishes and a well-made brush allow for a quick and easy application of the polish without flooding the cuticles. The high pigmentation of the polishes means that the second layer fully covers the nail plate.

Express yourself with the collection of SUNONE hybrid polishes! There you will find 100 of the most popular colors, both warm, cool and neutral. To facilitate the process of self-manifestation, SUNONE nail polishes have been divided into 8 color groups, where each initial letter placed on the varnish means belonging to a given group:

B - whites, beiges and browns

R - roses

C - reds

F - purples

N - blue

S - grays

Z - greens and yellows

M - magical


* UV LED lamp SUNONE SUN9 36 W - 30 sec.

* UV LED DIAMOND 36 W lamp - 30 sec.

* UV LED lamp SUNONE SUN5 48 W - 30 sec.

* UV LED lamp SUNONE SUN3 48 W - 30 sec.

* UV LED lamp SUNONE PRO1 48 W - 10 sec.

* UV LED PROFESSIONAL lamp 48 W - 30 sec.

* UV LED PROFESSIONAL 54 W lamp - 10 sec.

* UV lamp 36 W - 120 sec.

*For more pigmented colors, we recommend extending the curing time by another 10 seconds.

Made in Poland.

Capacity : 5
Colour : B10 Balbina
Sun : no
measurement unit : ml

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